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We have spoken to many influential people across our industry, business and government related networks and have yet to find anyone not enthused at the concept. 

“Art Center College of Design has a long history of        educating creative leaders that go on to influence the world. For decades our graduates have become design leaders within most of the significant transportation and automotive companies around the globe – and continue to do so as new mobility and logistics enterprises emerge in these rapidly changing times.


Dave and Geoff have long been committed to innovations for transportation and mobility solutions, leaving their mark on both industry and as educators here at ArtCenter. We support them in leveraging their creative capability to influence this fundamental industry, one that is critical to the future wellbeing of the planet, its people and this country’s economy. ArtCenter College of Design, its faculty and its students would welcome the opportunity of playing a role in The Futurama 2.0 Initiative and look forward to its success and lasting impact.”


                                    Dr. Lorne Buchman, President 

                                    Art Center College of Design


Joshua Schank, Chief Innovation Officer, LAMetro
Liz Wetzel, Co-Chair, Lawrence Tech University
Wayne Killen, Electrify America and DoE
Michael Warsaw, Officer & Global VP, Design, Innovation &     Sustainability
Tisha Johnson, VP Design, Volvo; VP Design, Whirlpool
Andrew Scott, CEO/Founder of QuayChain Technologies
Nathan Young, Senior VP, Design & Innovation - Newell Brands
Ron Pierce, Director of Research, Karten Design
Ronnie Peters, CEO 360 Design, Design Director, Hyperloop
Mark Bernstein, CEO, Xerox PARK (Palo Alto Research Center)
Rob Miller, CMO, Hyperloop NA
David Marek, Acura Executive Creative Director
David O'Connell, Chief Design Officer at Czinger Vehicles
Dutch Mandel, Writer/Car Guy/Former Editor of Auto Week
Doug Frasher, Director, Strategic Design, Volvo
Harald Belker, Designer, Mobility Futurist, Movie Vehicle Designer

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