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Geoff Wardle
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Geoff Wardle is currently the Executive Director of the Graduate Transportation Systems and Design program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The program reflects Geoff’s passionate belief that in order to attain a sustainable world we must view transportation from a holistic and integrated perspective.


Designing effective transportation solutions for the long term requires a deep understanding of the intersection between things that move (transportation), things that do not (the built environment) and the diverse citizenry that they must serve.


We should also choose the optimal mode of transportation for each specific movement of goods or personal mobility – optimal from a point of view of energy usage, non-renewable resources consumed and for our planetary wellbeing. This is not in any way easy. Being open minded and adaptable is a good start but bringing together all stakeholders, in the process of seeking solutions is an imperative. Designers need to take bold initiatives to facilitate this process, a role for which they are well equipped.


With a lifetime’s fascination in the future of all forms of transportation, Wardle first graduated in vehicle and mechanical engineering and then attended the Royal College of Art’s Vehicle Design Master’s program in London. He spent 20 years working with different car and vehicle manufacturers around the globe before becoming involved in full-time design education. These companies included British Leyland, Chrysler, SAAB, International Automotive Design, Ford Australia, Tatra of the Czech Republic and TVS Motor in India. He still advises different transportation agencies, companies and research groups around the world.


Geoff is a frequent presenter at international conferences related to transportation, sustainable mobility and design as well as being invited to speak on various national and regional public radio programs.

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