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Your Support is Welcomed!


Clearly, our Mission is audacious and not trivial! Achieving the Mission will take the effort of many creative, energetic and knowledgeable teams for a considerable period of time. Their effort will need positive support in many forms and from many quarters – everything from moral support to expertise; from facilitation to funding.


We welcome that support from individuals, academia, business, industry and foundations.


Moral support

Success in achieving the Vision requires belief in the Mission through thick and thin. There will no doubt be many naysayers who will let us know that we are crazy idealists. We know that! What will be needed by the teams that will work on this is real encouragement from individuals and enterprises that understand the need and are vested in eventual success.


Expert opinions and knowledge

While the Vision will be produced by carefully orchestrated creative teams with significant expertise, the breadth and depth of knowledge input will require the specific input of specialist knowledge and insight. This might be from specific research groups, individuals and especially regular citizens who ultimately need to benefit from visionary transportation solutions.


Creative teams

As outlined, design-based practices will be at the core of producing this Vision. These teams will be chosen and assembled from different places. We see that the best design schools that have expertise in transportation, urban form, architecture, user-experience, visualization and storytelling can be core participants. These resources will need to be supported by experienced creative professionals with core competencies and proven experience of the design and product development of systems, services and hardware.


Collaborative facilitation

The creative teams that will produce the vision will need to continually collaborate and be assembled as leanly as possible to maintain focus and cohesion. How these teams are managed and facilitated will be critical to overall success.

The probability that these teams will be geographically spread will add to the challenges although the experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic makes this less of a challenge than it might have once seemed. Supportive expertise in the facilitation of extreme collaboration will be welcomed.



The production of this Vision and the subsequent activities will require substantial funding. We are seeking funding, large and small from believers in the endeavor – from individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations and government agencies.


We believe that fundamental to the success of the Mission is that the funding comes without agendas. The funding must come from providers that believe in the Mission above and beyond their specific interests. This is important because we also believe that executed properly and thoroughly, the Futurama 2.0 Vision and following Blueprint should create exciting new opportunities for all sectors of current and future transportation related providers, manufacturers, operators and innovators.

Please let us know how you or your organization wishes to support us by contacting Dave Muyres and/or Geoff Wardle.

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