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Futurama 2.0: 
A Transportation Vision
for America

Propelling America into a long-term  leadership position by designing a shared vision for transportation in America.

A new defining vision is critical for America's transportation future as
it needs to regain its position as a world leader in transportation solutions.

Current U.S. transportation systems were significantly influenced by the original 1939 Futurama Vision exhibited at the New York World's Fair,   

led by the American visionary industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes.

This Vision greatly influenced the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, 

which radically transformed America's society into a flourishing,

prosperous economy.

However, that Vision, which still tries to move America is now over a

half-century old, out of date and harmful.

As experienced transportation designers, we are passionate about seeing America re-establish global leadership in advanced transportation

solutions - solutions that greatly improve the lives of all citizens, undo

harm to our planet and supports vigorous new industries and businesses.  We are not just talking about the electrification of vehicles!

Join us in making a new Vision a reality.

© 2021 OnGoingTransportation

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